Ruijie Fang 方瑞傑

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Sunset at Rockefeller College Tower, Princeton University.

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c/o Ruijie Fang
3579 Frist Center
Princeton University
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ruijief /at/

An anagram of my name.

I am an undergraduate in the computer science department at Princeton University. I work in programming languages: formal methods, verification, program synthesis, compilation techniques and their real-world applications. I am currently working under Aarti Gupta and Zak Kincaid. In summer 2022, I interned at the Automated Reasoning in Identity team at AWS, where I worked on a variety of projects including property-based testing, fuzzing, and a project called typecart.

For people with name pronounciation difficulties, my name rhymes with ray-jay. My pronouns are he/him.


  • For AY 2022-23, I'm serving as the vice chair of Princeton ACM student chapter.
  • Jan-May 2022: Grader/Lab TA for Prof. Zak Kincaid, COS 320: Compiling Techniques
  • November 2021: Problem setter, Princeton COSCON.
  • May 2021: Participant, Oregon Programming Languages Summer School, 2021.
  • Jan-May 2021: TA for Prof. Aarti Gupta, COS IW05: Programs Generating Programs
  • Jan-May 2021: Grader for Prof. Robert Tarjan, COS 423 Theory of Algorithms
  • Preprints

  • Xiangyu Gao, Divya Raghunathan, Ruijie Fang, Tao Wang, Xiaotong Zhu, Anirudh Sivaraman, Srinivas Narayana, Aarti Gupta. High-Level Synthesis for Packet-Processing Pipelines. arXiv:2211.06475
  • Presentations

  • Improving Hot/cold splitting in LLVM, LLVM-CGO Workshop 2021. (Joint work with A. Kumar and R. Rocha)

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