Peiyuan Liao


Researcher, Programmer, Ponderer

When in doubt, Unsafe.Coerce

I help organize an academic conference/retreat in Beijing.

I also write code for a Pittsburgh-Chicago-based startup on facial/body capture mobile softwares for virtual 2D figures.

While at school, I focused/am focusing on topics that live in the intersection of machine learning, systems engineering and programming language theory. 2 I've had the honor of working with Han Zhao and Keyulu Xu on graph neural networks in the past, where our manuscript will be submitted to NeurIPS 2020.

2. For a complete list of published works and preprints, please refer to papers.bib.

Research Interests

  • Graph Neural Networks: performance, application and interpretability
  • Disentangled Machine Learning/Meta Learning/Interpretable Machine Learning
  • Automated Abstraction and Reasoning of Programs
  • Machine Learning/Deep Learning Systems: Training and Inference DSLs, Compilers and Optimizers
  • Formal Verification of Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Object Detection and Segmentation: especially on mobile devices and other critical settings
  • Currently

    I'm mainly preparing the to-be-submitted manuscript to NeurIPS 2020 on graph neural networks.

    In addition, I will be participating in Recurse Center's Summer I batch (2020), where I will work several open source projects, including mmdetection, TVM, Taichi and torch_geometric.

    I will also be joining Cambricon Technologies as an intern mid-June, where I will help improve their products from a technical perspective.

    Past Projects

  • ml-arsenal: Python repo containing top-ranking solutions to Kaggle competitions (expecting rewrite)
  • lisp-ocaml: Lisp interpreter written in OCaml
  • zeta: Functional neural networks in OCaml (expecting rewrite)
  • Coursework (Expected)

  • 15-459 Quantum Computation
  • 15-418 Parallel Architecture and Programming
  • 10-315 Introduction to Machine Learning
  • 15-295 Competitive Programming
  • 15-819 Foundation of Quantitative Program Analysis (graduate)
  • Portfolio

    I'm involved in several online, computer science-related communities, including Kaggle and codewars (real-time ranking below). My resume can be found here.

    Codewars Profile


    Personal Interests

  • (hate to say it, but) towards General Artificial Intelligence
  • Automated Theorem Proving
  • Coldplay
  • Analytic Philosophy & its application in computer science
  • Automata Theory
  • Gen Hoshino
  • Sakanaction
  • French/Japanese
  • Film Photography

  • Prague
  • Virtual YouTubers *
  • Squash
  • *. 小孩子干什么不好非得看管人


    Regarding my researches, academic collaboration, Kaggle team-up, or questions related to TVM/zeta/ml-arsenal:

    peiyuanl [at] andrew [dot] cmu [dot] edu

    For LunTan-related subjects, such as application, collaboration, sponsorship, etc:

    peiyuanl [at] luntan [dot] io

    Finally, anything else, like just making friends or talk about programming languages, machine learning (for fun), or what's it's like to be at recurse center:

    alexander [underscore] liao [at] outlook [dot] com

    Most of the code I've written can be found under my GitHub account: @liaopeiyuan.

    Institutional Address

    Peiyuan Liao
    5032 Forbes Avenue
    SMC 4401
    Pittsburgh, PA 15289

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