A new offshore homepage server for friends in computer science

We are a home on the World Wide Web (WWW) for a group of young friends with diverse interests in the field of computer science. We aim to provide premier-grade service for self-hosted homepages at low-to-no cost, while helping our users connect with like-minded people. If you're interested to join, email join /at/

Alliance: In international politics, the union of two thieves who have their hands so deeply inserted in each other's pocket that they cannot separately plunder a third. -- Ambrose Bierce

Incomplete list of residents

/~ruijie: Ruijie Fang's homepage
/~peiyuanl: Peiyuan Liao's homepage
/~aego: Aego's homepage
/~xiuyul: Xiuyu Li's homepage


First, you must admit, the name sounds cool. Also, per .org/.com/.net regulations, the minimum length of newly registered domains must be greater than or equal to 3 letters. Therefore, tr5 is the minimum (best) possible. Finally, 3-digit/letter .org/.com/.net domain names have become rarer and rarer as time goes on, which makes even more special.

Service features

You get your own ssh and email account hosted privately on our servers, and world-class accessibility in the Asia-Pacific region due to the strategic location of our server on Azure cloud (part of the benefit of cloud hosting is, you get to use multiple endpoints to log into the same server, so multiple redundancy is ensured! :-D). In addition, our domain name is configured with DNSSEC and webserver loaded with LetsEncrypt SSL/TLS certificates to ensure maximum security. Though only plaintext/images are allowed on this server. We cannot afford the burden brought by ensuring the security of dynamic scripting (unless we invent something ourselves... someday!) UPDATE: We will soon have Dynamic Port Range Mapping available, which solves this problem. Check on the DPRM section below to see details.

Regarding SEO

Our website is registered on Google's Search Console, and search engine accessibility is periodically monitored, with improper domain behaviors immediately rectified. We suggest our users follow SEO guidelines to maximize their search engine reputation. We also have a periodically updated sitemap that points to the subdirectories of our users' pages under sitemap.xml. If you are a new joiner, allow us for several weeks to update the sitemap. One added benefit of hosting your website on is in case this website (or one of your fellow users) gets really famous on the Internet, you will get famous as well!

To use

You have your own account under /home/user_name. A folder, "public_html", will be available under your home directory once you login. All contents within that folder will be public, e.g. it will be resolved from our HTTP server as

Dynamic Port Range Mapping (DPRMD) Service

This is a relatively new feature currently ungoing extensive testing and will be available to the general user population soon. It is designed to solve the issue of supporting server-side scripting on tr5 servers. Like cgi (but much safer), the DPRM service is an nginx module that takes an nginx path as input, and maps the HTTP path to some user-registered HTTP service at a higher port range (where the user can run a custom webserver from the shell/using nohup to accept connections). You can feel free to use any language/web frameworks on your custom port, and register with the system DPRM daemon (dprmd) to map a url to the port your service occupies. You can use e.g. sqlite or plaintext to store data.

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